Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is the body's drainage network of small tubes that drains the excessive fluid leaked from blood vessels in the tissues and returns it to the bloodstream through the lymph nodes. The nodes perform the collection and filtration of waste materials from cell fluid while the lymph vessels transport the fluid back to the body's general circulation. Another function of this system is its role in the body's immune defence against bacteria, fungus, waste products, toxins and other dangerous substances.  


However, the lymph is not able to move on its own. Due to lack of pressure in the lymphatic vessels, the only way to encourage its movement through the body is with exercise, contraction of muscles and external force. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massage is a great treatment for stimulating and supporting the lymphatic system. 


Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle, rhythmic massage treatment that helps the lymph fluid circulate throughout the body. It can be advantageous for anyone, and is especially beneficial for the following reasons:


  • Reduced swelling (lymphoedema, after cosmetic surgery, pregnancy and other after other kind of medical surgeries, except cancer treatments) 

  • Immune boost 

  • Aiding lymphatic system function

  • Decreasing tightness and soreness of breasts (post- menstrual syndrome, fibrocystic disease) 

Please note: 

People with the conditions below should consult their doctor before having a lymphatic drainage massage 

  • Untreated or malignant cancer 

  • A current acute infection (viral or bacterial) 

  • Inflammation due to an allergic reaction 

  • Cardiac oedema 

  • Renal dysfunction/ insufficiency  

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 

  • A history of tuberculosis 

  • Asthma  

  • Low blood pressure