Myofascial Cupping Technique

Myofascial cupping technique is a modern cold cupping therapy where no heat is required. It involves the application of decompressed cups or flexible medical grade silicon cups on the skin. It creates a vacuum effect that lifts the deeper layers of tissues such as muscles, fascia (one kind of connective tissues), blood and other fluid, therefore, 

myofascial cupping is a soft tissue therapy. Cupping is commonly applied to the back, shoulder, neck, hips, sacral, legs and arm areas.   


Myofascial cupping techniques include -


*Gliding/ moving cupping 

This technique involves moving the cups in a gliding motion over the surface of the skin to increase local blood circulation, reduce swelling, and increase temperature of tissues. 


*Stationary cups 

The cups are placed on specific areas and left for a period of 5-15 minutes. Depending on the patient's condition, it can stimulate inhibitory neural pathways, increase mobility and range of joint motion, increase blood flow locally, help draw toxins out of the muscle fibres, reduce muscle pain and tightness, and relieve chronic conditions such as old sport injuries and frozen shoulders.  


Please note: 

1.After a Myofascial Cupping treatment, it creates the reddish-coloured or purplish-coloured circles on your skin, those marks are not bruises and will disappear after a few hours or few days.

2. Myofascial Cupping Technique is a massage technique that normally combines with other massage techniques.