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Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet (or hands and ears). There are a few different theories behind reflexology. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): 

The ancient Chinese belief in Qi, also known as " vital energy".

Qi flows through the whole body. When a person feels stressed or uncomfortable due to injury, their Qi is blocked, therefore it can cause an imbalance in the body that leads to illness. In Chinese Medicine, the areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body, therefore pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding areas of the body. 


Other theories: 

Zone theory holds that the body contains 10 vertical zones. Each zone refers to different body parts and corresponds to specific fingers and toes. Touching the fingers and toes allows the therapist to access every body part in a particular zone. 


Reflexology is linked to many benefits that include -  

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Reduced muscle pain 

  • Improved mood 

  • Improved general well-being 

  • Enhanced the quality of sleep