Sports Massage

Sports Massage Near Me

Sports massage is specifically tailored for different sporting events or for a particular sport. Depending on the level of, or stage of training, such as pre-event, post-event, injury rehabilitation, during the building phase, maintenance phase, or in a tapered phase, the treatment is different for each person.  


Sports massage is NOT a relaxing form of massage and can often be quite forceful. The benefits include...  


  • reduced stress and tension of muscles and soft tissues (tendons, ligaments,  fibrous tissue, skin, blood vessels, fascia, and synovial membranes) 

  • reduced recovery time after an injury (acute or chronic condition) 

  • reduced recovery time after a sport event or exercise 

  • improved performance 

  • reduced possibility of injury 

Sports massage is highly beneficial, not only for professional athletes but also for anyone who exercises regularity and who wants to maintain their well-being.