There are a few reasons why you should choose us


All therapists are fully qualified therapists and registered with all major health funds.​

High standard of hygiene level

Sydney Touch Medicine (STM) is a holistic health and massage clinic, as well as an Oncology Massage clinic. As we all know, due to cancer treatments and recovering from the illness, cancer patients’ bodies can be fragile, and their immune system is compromised from those toxic chemical drugs and emotional stress. Therefore, a high standard of environmental hygiene is very important for cancer patients who are having chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy treatments, or before and after a surgery, even recovering from cancer over a number of years. We maintain hygiene levels higher than other ordinary massage shops through ensuring:

* All therapists maintain good personal hygiene practice.

* All therapists maintain good Hand Hygiene practice.

* The Oncology Massage therapist has an infection control training.

* Use of TGA/WHO formula of minimum 80% ethanol sanitiser spray of all surfaces between clients.

* Every treatment room, reception area, and waiting room all have a bottle of 75% ethanol hand sanitiser gel available

.* Changing towels or linen and face covers between clients. We DO NOT reuse towels or linen; and

* Vacuuming the floor every day and steam mop the floor once every week.

The massage oil we use

We use high quality Melrose sweet almond oil which is recommended by Oncology Massage Training Australia. Melrose is a well-known, 100% Australian owned health food company operating since 1979. Melrose sweet almond oil is seeded oil, NOT nut oil. It is cold pressed from seeds of the almond trees. The almond oil possesses high quality Vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant. Melrose sweet almond oil is edible oil which benefits the body and skin. This is particularly helpful for cancer patients because their immune system is compromised with cancer drugs and their bodies are fragile as well as their skin, so the quality of the massage oil plays a vital role for their recovery process and well-being. As we all know, skin is our largest organ of the body, therefore using high quality sweet almond oil to massage, people can nourish their skin and let their bodies absorb the nutrition from the oil.


 Supporting Australian owned companies

Most of our equipment and consumables have been bought from Australia's own companies, such as massage tables, face covers, towels, massage oil, sanitiser and etc.

The massage oil we use